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Specialized plant solutions. Corporate g

Corporate Gifting

Need something to gift your co-workers? You name it, we’ll do it. Augusta's Garden makes customized plant gifts. Our work is skilled, timely and quality-assured. We’ll make sure the finished product looks exactly how you imagined it. Ready to get started?

Personalized  Gifts

Got someone you want to say Thank you to? or just want to gift someone with a special message. Whatever be the request, we’re here to help. We take pride in our work and look forward to finding new solutions to the challenges ahead. Feel free to call for more information. Ready to get started?

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Wedding Table pieces

It's your special day, You need to have something that is unique and beautiful at each table, Augusta's Garden makes customized table pieces that are unique and  personalized to your tastes. Call us to design your very own table pieces

Custom Plant Arrangements

Got an idea for an arrangement? Let us know. Here at Augusta's Garden, we’ll make sure you get what you’re after. We are ready and able to help. Call or come in today to find out more.



Got a project that needs some professional attention? Let us know. Here at Augusta's Garden, we’ll make sure you get the results you’re after - quality service at a fair and affordable price. We are ready and able to help.

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