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Every plant lover knows that starting a garden is never as easy as buying a plant and placing it where you please. The act of selecting a plant, creating the right environment for it and finally enjoying the lush greenery can be a lengthy process that can be daunting for any beginner. We, at Augusta’s Garden, strive to make it our mission to make gardening as relaxing as it was always meant to be – all the while making sure that the plant you pick is right for you.
Every plant that is sold is handpicked, examined and repotted into soil enriched with homemade organic compost in proportions that are best suited to the plant. We are always experimenting with new potting methods to ensure that the plant you take home will be a worthy centrepiece. Due to the limited quantities we work with, the plant you choose is truly one of a kind. As an added bonus, we are always happy to provide you with a brief description of the plant – scientific name and all – in order for you to continue to care for the well-being of your new lovelies. When you buy our products, you are investing in our personal attention to detail and the hours of work that goes into giving the plant the best that we can offer.
We treat our plants with as much love as you would when you take one home. Which is why we wholeheartedly believe in our unofficial motto: “Gift a plant, share the love”. We believe that we could be the perfect replacement for a traditional gift. Plants last longer, do not sit in the showcase collecting dust and no one truly outgrows them. If not for yourself, do consider gifting one of our plants to your loved ones.

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Augusta has got a very good collection of plants, esp succulent plants and orchids

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